Market data expense management solutions have historically been product-based, that is because it has been the product companies that have been defining the solution.  The problem is the product companies have managed to define the market problem narrowly, focused on invoice and expense management, ignoring or treating as an add-on the requirements for contract management, compliance and down stream users requirements, even helping you understand the type of staff you will require to be successful.  The goals of the product companies are not always aligned with your goals.  They are successful if they sell product.  Your success is not measured by successfully buying a product but whether you deliver the information to optimize your precious market data dollars. 

Recent studies have shown that resources, with the right expertise accounts for 70% to 80% of the market data management solution cost.    Without the expertise to develop and deliver a market data program no product can be successful.  A proper market data solution begins with answering the question of what data do your various users need from the solution.  By understanding this can you begin to make the right choice in what tools you need.  Unfortunately most firms often lack the internal staff with the expertise to maximize the value of their product.

We offer a fresh approach to market data management, bringing together all the required elements--labor, expertise and product, into a managed service solution, designed to meet each clients' unique requirements.  We, in partnership with our clients are responsible for the solution's success.   We deliver for a fixed monthly fee, with no long term contracts.  

We work to deliver value day over day, month over month.   Once your data is under our management, the relationships within your market data can be clearly seen. This  comprehensive view of your market data situation allows the identification of savings and optimization opportunities.  This is something hard to achieve if managing on spreadsheets .