Market data expense management solutions have historically been product-based.  Firms lacking the extensive internal staff and skills have struggled to make these product based solutions successful.  

We offer a fresh approach to market data management, bringing together all the required elements--labor, product and expertise, into a managed service solution we design to meet clients' unique requirements.  In partnership with our clients, we are responsible for the solution's success.   We deliver for a fixed monthly fee, with no long term contracts and no product fees.  

We are committed to the active management of our clients' market data, being able to extract the answers.  Our goal is to deliver value day over day, month over month.   Once the data is under our management, the relationships between all the aspects of your market data can be clearly seen.  This is something hard to achieve if managing on spreadsheets or with ownership of the various components in different hands.

We work with you to identify your market data and how it is being used to develop a comprehensive view of your market data situation as well as identify savings opportunities.