Designed for market & reference data stakeholders, procurement, IT, finance and business users, INFOmatch is a leading reporting and analytical system because of its easy navigation, handling and storage of historical data, and tremendous reporting facilities.

  • Recognized as a world leading market data management company
  • Known for their market expertise, innovative products & services, and quick response to customer requests
  • Offers INFOmatch, a suite of market data management solutions
  • Globally, they assist clients in managing their market data costs, processes and workflows more efficiently
  • INFOmatch creates total transparency, ensures ultimate control, guarantees significant cost and time savings (by up to 90%) and reduces risk.
  • Ensures that clients are fully compliant with exchanges and vendor policies.
  • INFOmatch supports critical business processes, including inventory tracking, contract management, cost allocation, invoice forecasting and automatic reconciliation, permissioning, reporting and budgeting.

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