Market Data Insights (MDI), knows that successful market data management programs are delivered by industry experts upon a world class product using time tested best practices and processes.  The true mark of success of any market data program is whether it delivers the data you require to make critical business decisions.  

To make business decisions you need to know more than inventory levels.  You need to know your contracts, your data rights and whether you are compliance with your agreements. You need transparency of usage and costs.  Your decision making requires a real time view of usage, not simply a historical month end snapshot view. 

The information in your system has to be easy to access, without requiring costly development or professional services from your solution vendor simply to obtain access to data.  

MDI delivers dynamic data management programs to financial firms on an outsourced basis, delivered on your INFOmatch system or delivered as a professionally managed solution. All firms can now get world class solution regardless of their size, for an easy to budget monthly fee with no long-term commitment. 

We are changing the way market data management solutions are delivered, one client at a time.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. 

MDI "Making Market Data Management Simple"