What is MDI's solution?

  • MDI delivers an outsourced data management solution.   MDI utilizes a team approach to build and maintain a comprehensive data set, including contracts details, purchases, usage, allocations, reporting, etc.   Our service is built upon Screen INFOmatch.  

What will it cost me?

  • Easy to budget flat monthly fee based on the level of inventory spend under management.    

When will I see savings?

  • Data is actively managed from the moment it is brought under management
  • Most clients experience savings in the first month of service.
  • Potential savings will depend on your current level of market data management and how compliant your practice is.  
  • There are savings beyond those achieved by cutting services such as ensuring compliance with your vendor agreements.  We help clients save by ensuring that their service usage is vendor compliant, thus avoiding potential penalties.      

What is my commitment?

  •  Three (3) month and then month to month.  We don't require long-term contracts. As a vendor, we believe we should have to prove our value in order to retain your business.   

Will my data be available to other clients?

  • Each client is separately managed within its own database environment.  No client data is shared or visible to any other client.  

Do you only handle market data?

  • We manage a diverse set of spend across our client base in addition to market data, such as Telecom, Uber, Seamless, software and IT assets.  What we manage is constantly evolving to support our clients.  

How else will the service benefit me?  

  • Since we are maintaining the data set, and doing the heavy lifting on the administrative side, you can focus on making the business decisions that create value for your users.