MDI centralizes and streamlines the contract management process for our clients  We manage the collection and maintenance of the contract information required to improve the processes associated with managing complex contracts to:

  • Prevent automatic contract rollovers 
  • Maximize opportunity to negotiate renewals on most favorable terms
  • Insure timely renewal negotiations
  • Avoid duplicate subscriptions/services
  • Evaluate entitlements
  • Lessen back billing

Contract information that we store and manage has expanded to cover the critical areas associated with data rights and distribution:

  • Terms of the contract
  • Effective dates
  • Pricing
  • Renewal terms and dates
  • Cancellation terms and notices
  • Entities covered by the contract
  • License type (per user, enterprise-level or tiered)
  • Terms of Distribution - for raw data, derived data
  • Conditions for redistribution of data (for example when used in tables or research)
  • Conditions for data storage
  • Compliance requirements

Contract management is one of the core services within the market data management service.