MDI centralizes and streamlines the contract management process for our clients  We manage the collection and maintenance of the contract information required to manage your contracts to:

  • Prevent automatic contract rollovers 
  • Maximize opportunity to negotiate renewals on favorable terms
  • Insure timely renewal negotiations
  • Avoid duplicate subscriptions/services
  • Evaluate entitlements

Contract information that we store and manage has expanded to cover the critical areas associated with data rights.  INFOmatch contract management follows the FISD CRISP standard which includes:

  • Terms of the contract
  • Effective dates
  • Pricing
  • Renewal terms and dates
  • Cancellation terms and notices
  • Rights Management
    • Entities covered by the contract
    • License type (per user, enterprise-level or tiered)
    • Terms of Distribution - for raw data, derived data
    • Conditions for redistribution of data